About Us

About White Horse White Horse Event Management (WHEM) involves in highest level of creativity and honesty while providing solutions to the clients.


At White Horse Event Management, we love what we do. We build each experience for you with passionate creativity and meticulous attention. We ensure that every time you engage your audience they gain a memorable experience – an experience that they then associate with your brand.


Whether it be showing your employees that you care, wowing your customers or letting the world know what your brand stands for, White Horse knows exactly what you need and how it needs to be done.



At White Horse Event Management, we understand your audience before we create an experience for them – we believe that you cannot impact an audience without knowing their pleasure points. We help you create emotional anchors and positive associations with your brand no matter who your audience is – Employees, Customers & Consumers, Business Partners or Journalists – we know how to impact each one of them !

“You can learn more about a man in an hour of play than in a lifetime of conversation”


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