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Celebrity Endorsements by White Horse Globally, ‘celebrity endorsement’ is a very powerful marketing tool, employed by firms to build their brand equity.

Globally, ‘celebrity endorsement’ is a very powerful marketing tool, employed by firms to build their brand equity. In India, the Lux soap is known to have been endorsed way back in 1941 by the then famous film actress Leela Chitnis. The introduction of celebrity endorsement in Indian TV advertising is marked by the commercials of 80’s featuring Kapil Dev, Sunil Gavaskar and Tabassum endorsing various consumer products. So, the potential of this concept has been well acknowledged, and tried and tested on the Indian soil for over 70 years now.

Why Endorse?

The compelling reasons for companies to yield a strategic position to celebrity endorsement in their marketing schemes vary. Very frequently celebrities are roped in during new brand introductions.

The basic idea remains to cash on the popularity, credibility and mass appeal of the celebrities which is expected to help raise awareness of the brand, generate positive associations for it, and build purchase intention among its prospective customers. Sometimes, it’s merely a reactionary step meant to nullify the impact of celebrity endorsement exercised by a competitor. The last decade also witnessed a novel application of celebrity endorsements for crisis management, manifested brilliantly in the Cadbury case to weather the ‘worm’ storm.

Impact of White Horse Celebrity Endorsement

The motive behind total branding may be decocted as an attempt to amalgamate diverse activities to win customer preference. Apropos to this context, the topic “Impact of celebrity endorsement on overall brand”, is a significant one. The crescendo of celebrities endorsing brands has been steadily increasing over the past years. Marketers overtly acknowledge the power of celebrities in influencing consumer-purchasing decisions. It is a ubiquitously accepted fact that celebrity endorsement can bestow special attributes upon a product that it may have lacked otherwise.

At WHEM we believe that just like each celebrity has a unique quality and identity, so does each brand and this is the connection we try to establish through our endorsements. Finding the perfect fit for a brand as well as for a celebrity is our main objective. Our team recognises the true value of each celebrity and does its best to nurture the same and deliver to the table, more than just what is expected. At WHEM, we believe in creating relationships with our celebrities and making sure that talent is given its due respect.


"A sign of a celebrity is that his name is often worth more than his services.”

Daniel J Boorstin

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