Fireworks & Pyrotechnics

Fireworks & Pyrotechnics by White Horse White Horse is one of the premier aerial display fireworks in Jharkhand and other states of the Country.

Our commitment to safety, and utilizing the latest technology, makes White Horse the top choice for all of your aerial display fireworks needs. We offer affordable pyrotechnic displays for all events and occasions of any size. Think about White Horse Event Management for your high school homecoming, corporate anniversary, grand opening, birthdays, wedding or your towns Independence Day celebration. We provide the most amazing shows, with safety being the number one priority.

We proudly support the Pyrotechnics Guild International, dedicated to fireworks artistry, safety and skill.

White Horse is an independent sports event management company skilled in the implementation of sports events for Corporate, Schools & Clubs, as well as client and sponsor servicing. White Horse strives to lead in the innovation of the Hospitality experience. Sporting Events organized with both professional aptitude and creative flair.

Just as important as our ability to develop events from ground zero, we also step in to existing events and take them to the next level. After analyzing the event’s history, operations and budget, we chart a course for elevating it to greater heights in prestige, attendance and revenues.

Planning !

After discussing your overall brief including the purpose of your event, your target audience, the intricacies of your brand and any budget restraints, our designers will survey your site and liaise with your venue if required and put together some high level creative concepts for your consideration. Aerial photography is used for planning site layouts and achieving optimum positioning of fireworks from an audience perspective.

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